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Africa's rainforest photo, with various trees and plants

Africa’s untapped
carbon potential

Africa’s full reforestation potential represents an asset of USD70bln in the Voluntary Carbon Market. Yet the continent currently only receives 5% of global climate finance.Why? Because buyers of carbon credits – and investors in projects – cannot find:

• Credits with direct community benefits
• Credits which enhance biodiversity
• Credits with state-of-the-art MRV
• Project developers that can scale

The result? A lack of confidence in the sector, hindering Africa from realizing its true ecological and economic potential. Our experience and regional network is augmented by our tech expertise, allowing our customers and investors to independently monitor “in real-time” their investments in the region.

map representation of the Africa's rainforest

Introducing Africa’s
Reforestation Platform

A lot of different trees and plants from a tropical forest

Africa’s Reforestation Platform (ARP) is our catalyst for change. ARP pinpoints reforestation opportunities, focusing on carbon sequestration, biodiversity enhancement, and community welfare. The platform equips our customers with essential data for effective site selection, including:

• Land-use information to identify secure tenure
• Ecological data specific to the region
• Details about local organizations with project management capabilities

Beyond site identification, ARP connects potential projects with the carbon, enabling Iroko Analytics and partners to scale our impact.

Pilot Project: Ndélélé Communal Forest

Our 5,000-hectare pilot project is ready to make history! It will become Africa's largest reforestation undertaking in the rainforest, generating 3 million tons of CO2 equivalent credits over 30 years.

The project will:
Revive and enrich biodiversity by reintroducing 15 native species, restoring 90% of the forest to its natural state
• Empower local communities who will receive 10% of offset revenues
• Maintain full transparency and undergo monthly monitoring

A warehouse in a tropical forest view from the top

Combining regional experience and
tech prowess

We blend extensive experience in Congo Basin conservation with technology and business acumen. As a Techstars portfolio company (Paris, 2022), we are committed to driving innovation in the sector.

Among our key collaborators:
Geolabe, a US-based startup, harnesses cutting-edge AI and data analysis methods for Earth sciences, aiding our journey towards sustainability.

CTFC, established in 2007, represents 50 of Cameroon’s 72 community forests. They have already reforested or restored over 100,000 ha in collaboration with the European Union and others.

Jules Caron and Misha Lepetic photo together

Jules Caron (CEO)

With over a decade of experience in CAR, CMR, DRC, and more, Jules has worked on environmental and conservation issues alongside WWF, Global Witness, Oxfam, and others. He holds an MA in Political Philosophy from the University of Geneva.

Misha Lepetic (CTO)

Over 20 years of experience in technology and knowledge management for organizations such as Pfizer, Nielsen, Hachette, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations. Misha holds an MS in Technology Management from Columbia University.

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The surge in carbon offsets offers a unique opportunity for Africa, its inhabitants, and the fight against climate change. Together, we can make a difference.

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